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Patch Note 1.5 Alpha 1

General changes:

Game speed and network games :

  • Fixed a bug that caused lags in network games.
  • The movement speed of several units has been increased to better suit online games and make the game more dynamic.
  • Removed the building time penalty at the start of the game.
  • Fixed several bugs concerning damaged units’ movement that was causing their speed to randomly increase or decrease.

Global balancing:
This part is too long to be listed, but here are the most important points:

  • Lowered costs and training time for infantry units to make them more viable.
  • Reinforced certain structures which were too vulnerable (notably the defensive structures).
  • Spaceships and heavy weaponry now is less accurate, especially against infantry.
  • Readjusted several armaments.

Fog of War:

  • Hyperspace windows will now remain visible in the fog of war (for the player who created them)
  • The Fog of War now reappears more quickly when you leave an area. This was done in order to prevent very fast units from unveiling a lot of terrain in their trail.
  • The field of vision for all units has been readjusted according to their type. No more infantry with a greater FoV than a spaceship.

Keyboard shortcuts:
In order to improve the game ergonomics, many changes have been done to the keyboard shortcuts:

  • [F1] for the Menu & Options instead of [Esc]
  • [F2] for the communicator instead of [Tab]
  • [F3] to place a beacon instead of [Ctrl] + [M]
  • [F4] to select the next idle builder instead of [Ctrl] + [↑]
  • [F5] to fast forward instead of [Y]
  • [Esc] to minimize the command bar instead of [F9]
  • [L] to select air units instead of [Shift] + [R]
  • [Num. 0] to lock the camera on a unit [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [T]
  • Removed the camera zone selections.
  • The Asgard now use the QWERTY-ASDFGH-ZXCVBN keyboard shortcuts.

Please refer to the CnCSGU_KeyboardShorcut.pdf document for a full list of keyboard shortcuts.


  • Added a background image in case the shellmap could not be loaded (Quickstart mode, Windows Seven 64 bits without XP compatibility mode, bug, etc…) to get rid of the empty pink background.
  • Updated the “Create a game” and “Load a game” online menus.
  • Fixed the display of several checkboxes.


  • Added a blinking marker under the starting units to spot them more easily.
  • Added a game length timer on the lower right.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing hyperspace windows to behave weirdly when they were almost expired.
  • The Naquadah sign now shows up on Naquadah piles and on harvesters when gathered.
  • Unit production sounds on units that are produced rather quickly (such as infantry and especially Unas) now have less chance to occur (from ½ to ¼).
  • Removed the smoke particles on energy weapons’ muzzles (Jaffa, Death Gliders, etc…).



  • New animated 3D model.

Research Lab:

  • Added reflections on the windows.

Spatial Supply Station:

  • New animated 3D model.

War Factory:

  • New animated 3D model.

Nuclear Warhead Teleportation (Ability):

  • Increased range and reduced activation delay to make it more efficient and coherent.



  • New 3D model for the damaged states of the ship.


  • Added scaffoldings.

Imperial Supply Station:

  • Removed building limit, you can now build an unlimited numbers of supply stations.

Staff Weapons Upgrade:

  • Now affects aircraft. The Energy Cannons Upgrade has been subsequently been removed.


The core of this new version. The Asgard are actually in alpha development stage, but the bulk of their gameplay, graphics and audio is available.

Here’s the Asgard content:

  • Structures: High Council, Neutrino-ion Generator, Refinery, Viking Camp, Technological Institute, Aircraft Platform, Spaceship Platform, Cosmic Controller, Synthesis Factory, Protection Monolith,  Secret Committee.
  • Infantry: Viking, Scientist, Exoskeleton, Thor.
  • Aviation: Builder Drone, Harvester, Tracker.
  • Spaceships: Vanir, Disruptor Satellite, Beliskner, Valhalla, Scientific Station, O'Neill.
  • Upgrades: Mjölnir, Drone Armor, Trinium Alloy, Cloning Technology, Command Panel, Command Matrix, Beam Range.
  • Special Powers: Viking Training, Midgard’s Thunder , Black Hole, Supernova, Spying , Thor’s chariot.

Please refer to the CnCSGU_TechTree.pdf  document to have a look at the entire list of units and technologies.

The addition of the Asgard also comes with a new loading screen, the faction’s arms and a new ingame UI for them.


Maps & missions:

New Alpha Site:

  • Added some scenery around the Library of the Ancients.
  • Fixed a bug in hard difficulty that sent unlimited reinforcements through the Stargate and prevented the mission objective.
  • Objectives are now displayed periodically until you complete them.
  • Changed the text formatting to differentiate between dialogs, objectives and help popups in the communicator. ( > Character: "Dialog" // OBJECTIVE : - objective 1 // [-=?=-] help popup)
  • Added enemy units in hard difficulty.

- The conquest of Danderah:
New Goa’uld mission where you play as the right hand of the System Lord Menethou and are tasked with enslaving the planet Danderah.
Although it is less of a tutorial than the previous mission, this original scenario will still enable you to discover the Goa’uld faction with a higher difficulty setting.
/!\ The mission script has been translated in English but the English voices aren’t available yet.

Multiplayer/Skirmish :

  • Added 2 new land maps.
  • Fixed the placement of Naquadah piles and neutral structures on certain maps.

Artificial Intelligence:

Tau'ri & Goa'uld:

  • Reduced the first assault launch delay on hard difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to send units in the bottom left corner of the map.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain units from assaulting enemy bases.

- Asgard:
The Asgard AI is not as developed as the other 2 since the faction isn’t complete yet. Here’s what’s already been implemented:

  • 4 first random assaults.
  • 2 defense teams.
  • 4 assault teams.
  • Building all structures.
  • Capturing neutral buildings.
  • Special powers management.



The mod launcher is a multi-function utility program that enables you through a GUI to:

  • Launch the mod, the WorldBuilder or the vanilla game.
  • Set the resolution, window mode, IP address and game speed.
  • Get details on the installed version and check for updates.
  • Send bug reports.
  • Easily access our websites and social networking accounts.
  • Detect eventual install errors and make launching the mod more stable.



by Dr. Radut.

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