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Patch Note 1.5 Bêta 1 130114

General :

Naquadah Mines :

  • Reducing of the amount of ore in the starting naquadah mines from 40000, 20000, 6000 to 20000, 8000, 3000.

Spaceships :

  • Slightly decreased the effectiveness of infantry weapons against spaceships shields.
  • Enabled the building of a second mothership when the "Limit Motherships" box is checked.
  • Garrison slots were increased for most ships.
  • It is no longer possible to leave and re-enter the same hyperspace window.

Engineer, Infiltrator and Scientist :

  • No longer gain experience by disabling buildings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented from capturing or disabling enemy buildings.

Special Powers :

  • Adjusted the targeting cursors for area of effect powers.


Neutral :

Stargate :

  • Redesigned animations and improved their functioning.

Functioning :

  • The vortex no longer opens instantly but after a few seconds.
  • A new perimeter around the gate is unbuildable to prevent players from stacking defenses.
  • The gate and the DHD are now considered as obstacles.
  • The vortex now indicates the remaining time of the connection (via the healthbar, like the hyperspace windows)
  • The vortex will close automatically if the gate is destroyed during its activation.
  • Added a tooltip summarizing the functioning of the Stargate.

Graphics and Sound :

  • Added an animation for the gate and chevrons with sound effects when an address is dialed.
  • Animated the opening and closing of the vortex.
  • The vortex is animated throughout activation and is accompanied by a sound loop
  • Added sound effects when the units go through the vortex.
  • Changed the appearance of the gate numbers on the floor. They are now integrated directly with the gate and no longer depend of the terrain.
  • Gates can now be oriented in any direction.
  • Added an icon for the vortex.

Transportation Rings :

  • The Stargates were removed from the ground maps several versions ago because it wasn't logical. However as teleportation and transfers are key elements of the series, we chose to develop a new neutral building : Transportation Rings.
  • To use it, it's not necessary to dial an address because it operates automatically. Just get on the platform of the transportation rings A to reappear on the transportation rings B.

Lucian Black Market:

  • Can no longer store the collected Naquadah.
  • Added "used tracker drone" to the buying list.


Tau'ri :

Defensive position :

  • New 3D model.

Pathfinder :

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to move the mines.
  • Slightly improved several characteristics (speed, cost, health, damage).

Mobile Missile Launcher :

  • Reduced movement speed.

Firing Ramp :

  • Can now be sold.
  • The upgrade can now be bought again if it is destroyed.
  • Optimized collision box to give a better shooting angle for the defensive position.

Mounted machinegun for MALP :

  • Changed to MALP Equipment :
  • Reduced cost.
  • Added resistance to the MALP.


Goa'uld :

Unas :

  • Increased vision range.

Symbiote :

  • Can now possess Scientists and Vikings.

Admiral :

  • Increased cooldown of Thunder of the Gods.

Buildings :

  • Added scaffolding and construction features for all buildings. It includes:
  • A fence.
  • Animated scaffolding.
  • Housecolor.
  • Occasionally an animated crane.

Infantry reinforcements :

  • Improved transportation rings animation.


Asgard :


Exoskeleton Suit :

  • Now requires unlocking through a special power.
  • Can be built as standalone or on a scientist at the Institute of Technology or on a viking at the Viking Camp.
  • Accommodates Scientist, Viking, Thor, Pathfinder, Engineer, Rocket Soldier, Jaffa and Infiltrator. The carrier retains some of his skills and weapons and has a stun handgun.

Harvester drone :

  • New harvesting animation.

Builder, Harvester and Tracker drones :

  • Can now go through Stargates.
  • Can now be garrisoned in spaceships.

Vanir :

  • Added garrison menu.
  • Added self-destruction skill.

Scientific Station:

  • Now leaves a hulk when it's destroyed.

Spaceships :

  • Fixed a bug that prevented from teleporting troops.

Buildings :

  • Increased energy consumption.

Viking Camp :

  • New textured 3D model.

Neutrino-ion Generator :

  • Improved lighting effects.

Technological Institute :

  • Added texture.

Air/Space platform :

  • New textured and animated 3D model.
  • Fixed a bug with the rally point.

Secret Committee :

  • Now requires a Technological Institute and not a Scientific Station.

Upgrades :

Control Panel :

  • Enables the Scientist to stun enemies using a flash.
  • Enables the Scientist to repair drones (passive).

Command Matrix (redesign):

  • The reduction of energy consumption only affects the Cosmic Controller and its powers.
  • Allows to backup the experience of a spaceship before its self-destruction.
  • Creates a subspace activities detector that localizes any hyperspace window.

Special Powers :

New powers menu GUI.

Exoskeleton Suit (new) :

  • Enables the production of exoskeleton suits.

Sigurd Commando (new) :

  • Sends a Vanir which drops 3 experienced scientists in exoskeleton suits.

Observers (redesign) :

  • 1st rank: Reveals an area for a short time (including stealth units).
  • 2nd rank: Improved range and duration of the 1st rank. The area is marked by targeting that allows units to attack at a longer distance. The area is also obscured by interferences that masks the radar.
  • 3rd rank: Improved range and duration of the 2nd rank. The area is obscured by the fog of war. All the spaceships on the map are revealed.

Black Hole :

  • Requires 2 additional levels.
  • The center of the target area is revealed.
  • Increased cooldown.
  • Affects all players and not only enemies.

Supernova :

  • Requires 2 additional levels.
  • The center of the target area is revealed.
  • Increased cooldown.

Thor's Chariot :

  • Needs Thor.
  • Reduced the damage dealt.


Maps & Missions :

Added Transportation Rings on the following maps:
Desert Arena , Hostile Dawn, Death Valley, Lost System.

The Asgard star was removed from the campaign menu to avoid confusion since there are still no missions for this faction.

Desert Arena :

  • Moved Tollan cannons to prevent them to pound the main base from the start.

Flash Effect & Tournament Continent :

  • Removed Tollan cannon.

The new Alpha Site :

  • Fixed 2 bugs that could stop the mission after the SGC sending reinforcements.
  • Fixed a flaw in the arrival of the sentinels which could stop the mission.
  • Fixed the display of the number of sentinels.
  • Fixed the tooltip on the dialog menu to indicate the correct shortcut [F2]
  • Fixed a bug that showed the objective "to build a power plant" in loop.
  • Changed tooltips to help placing mines and defensive positions.
  • Added a defensive position south of the Alpha Site.
  • Added a tooltip for informations about the camera controls.
  • Increased space damage tt prevent the Chinook from crossing it.
  • The Alpha Site is invulnerable in easy and medium difficulties.
  • Fixed various tooltips.

The Conquest of Danderah:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to attack a ground position in the middle of the city.
  • Added space damage.
  • Made some changes to the map scripting to make the mission easier.
  • Added energy for the the Tau'ri (to avoid firing ramps being unpowered when the Tollan Cannon is activated).
  • Added a tooltip on the usefulness of sentinels.
  • Fixed a problem with the Stargate hitbox.
  • Fixed a bug that would systematically lose the game after the player has sent a non stealth Tel'tak in Menethou's base.
  • Fixed various texts.


Applications :

UniverseBuilder (new):

  • The map and scripts editor of Generals was rebuilt to reflect the specifics of the mod. It now appears under the name UniverseBuilder.
  • The "Add Skirmish Players" button now lists the factions of the mod and not those from Zero Hour.
  • New classes appear in the list of objects as SPACESHIP, AIRCRAFT, SPECIAL, CINE, etc.
  • Resized and repositioned many windows and fields for better readability.
  • The startup of the application was slightly accelerated.

Launcher :

  • Fixed the "update available" text which used to overflow.
  • Added a check to avoid sending empty bug report.

Installer :

  • Optimized the Stand-Alone method which saves 486MB of disk space reducing the difference from 948MB to 462MB from the combined version.
  • New strings integration method to avoid incorrect or missing texts and to improve multilingual installation.
  • New localization for AI and multiplayer scripts to avoid some starting problems.
  • Added a check that asks the user to close the Launcher or Generals during an update.

Mac Version :

  • Enabled Eco display mode by default to run the game at normal speed (used to be reduced speed). The field of view in the spatial view and in some cinematics is reduced. This is due to the game engine not offering other ways to get the game to run smoothly on Mac systems.
  • The installation procedure was revised and is now accompanied by a screenshot showing the whole folder tree.

by Dr. Radut.