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Comic Con' 2012 and Version 1.5 release date

For the 4th time this year, we have taken part in a video games/science fiction salon, and we do not regret this choice. It's not exactly a sinecure but it's always a nice experience rich of good moments, so we're starting to enjoy it a lot. You guys were numerous to discover and test our game as usual, and we've tried our best to accomodate everyone with a full access to the newest beta on 5 PCs and many demo videos.

CnC Stargate Universe booth


We've particularly enjoyed the success of the tournament we've organized for the occasion. Sadly we haven't been able to accept everyone due to the lack of free spots, but we're already planning more events for our player base.

Congratulations to Lotus_Noir for his victory in the solo tournament, as well as to Xome & Nortu for their victory in teams. They've all won a trophy of the event, a special edition of C&C Generals Deluxe and additional goodies (Tee-shirts, DVDs and games) as well as passes for the 5th season of Comic Con'. Congratulations are in order for the rest of players as well for their good plays.

The tournament winners : Fafa, Lotus_Noir and Blagden on the left, Xome & Nortu on the right.


The biggest feature we presented this year was obviously a new faction : The Asgard. Many players liked it, but we must admit that it's a bit overpowered for now. Their technology progression is somewhat different from that of Tau'ri and Goa'uld and we based them on the principle that they have stronger offensive abilities but aren't that resistant in return. The Asgard also have original special powers.

We know that many players await the new version impatiently. We've been working tirelessly to get a showcasable version of the mod for Comic Con', but it still requires a few tweaks and bug fixes before we can make it public. The ETA for the release is the 4th of August.

A player in action


And you will also have guessed that since we've offered free passes for the next Comic Con' to the tournament winners, we'll most definitely be present there next year with even more content. We might also partake in other events, either in fairs or online.

If you like our project and want to see it grow quicker, or take part in it, there a few ways you could help us :
We're still looking for volunteers in various domains (3D and 2D Design, mapmaking...). You can also support us financially by donating an amount of your choice, or using our website to buy if you're Amazon customers.
Donation: http://cnc-sgu.fr/?q=donate
Amazon Shop: http://cnc-sgu.fr/?q=shop

Thanks to all those who are following our project and who encouraged us to continue this little adventure.

- The CnC Stargate Universe Team
- The Syton Entertainment Association

L'équipe de CnC Stargate Universe
L'association Syton Entertainment

Some of the members of Syton Entertainment
From left to right : Mionf, Xuarig, Syrius, Fëawen, Tonyo and iSeb

by Dr. Radut.

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