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Frequentely Asked Questions

¤ What is CnC Stargate Universe?

CnC Stargate Universe (CnC SGU for short) is a project which aims to create a real time strategy game featuring the greatest civilizations of the Stargate Franchise (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe)
Concretely, CnC SGU is a mod, or in other words: a game based on the engine of another game. In this case, CnC SGU is based on the SAGE engine from C&C Generals: Zero Hour.

¤ Why the name 'CnC Stargate Universe'?

The first part of the name comes from Command and Conquer (CnC for short) and it’s inherited from the initial game that we modded. We also think that it suits well the genre of the game since that’s what the gameplay is actually about.
The appellation Stargate Universe simply relates to the presence of content from the whole Stargate franchise. It doesn’t have anything to do with the last TV show, especially considering that the name of the mod was chosen way before the airing of said show.

¤ How to play the mod?

To play CnC SGU, you must first acquire and install Command & Conquer Generals and its extension Zero Hour. You will then need to update Zero Hour (Either by opening the Online Multiplayer menu, or by manually downloading the patch).
After that, all what’s left to do is downloading the mod from our website and installing it.

¤ Do I need to pay in order to play CnC Stargate Universe?

The CnC SGU mod is entirely free to download and play. However, it cannot function if you haven’t installed Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. This game is published by EA Games and can be found nowadays at very reasonable prices.

¤ What’s the recommended setup to play CnC Stargate Universe?

The recommended settings for C&C Zero Hour at its release were the following:
Operating System: Windows 98/XP, Mac OS Jaguar 10.2.6 and higher
Hardware: - (Minimal) 800MHz processor, 128MB of Ram, 32MB 3D Card
- (Recommended) 1.8GHz Processor, 256MB of Ram, GeForce 3
However, since the game was released in 2003, and since we actually improved the 3D models and texture’s quality, as well as implemented higher resolutions support among other changes, here’s a re-evaluation of the required specs to run the mod:
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Seven, Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Hardware: - 2GHz processor, 512MB of Ram (1GB if on Vista or Seven), nVidia GeForce 5 / ATI Radeon 9000 or higher.

¤ When will the mod be complete?
What you must know beforehand is that we actually are a small team working on the mod in our free time without any pretention or lucrative goals, which results in a rather irregular workflow. It is therefore rather difficult to give any estimation of the final release date, or any information on the long-term future concerning the mod. However, we remain motivated and determined to carry on with our project.
We encourage you to visit our website in order to get the latest development updates as well as the news concerning our future releases.

¤ Why is CnC Stargate Universe failing to install?
Before installing CnC SGU you need to:
Make sure that your system meets the minimal requirements for the mod. (See the corresponding section of the FAQ)
Install C&C Generals as well as its extension Zero Hour.
Apply the 1.04 patch to Zero Hour.
Uninstall any eventual version of the mod you might have installed before.
Check if your user account has the required authorizations to install new software on the PC if you’re using Vista or Seven. Running the installation as administrator might help.
Check the integrity of your download, as there are several reasons for which a downloaded file might get damaged during the download process. Do not hesitate to re-download if the installer seems damaged.
If the problem persists, you can send us an email at contact@cnc-sgu.fr, or post a message on our official forums and providing a maximal amount of information about the error such as eventual error logs or messages.

¤ I have installed CnC Stargate Universe but it’s not working
If the mod is refusing to work properly after installation (No response when starting the game/Crash at startup/Zero Hour being launched instead of CnC SGU) do the following:
Make sure that your system meets the minimal requirements for the mod. (See the corresponding section of the FAQ)
Check that the 1.04 patch has been applied to Zero Hour. (This can be done by starting the game without the mod and looking at the bottom of the options screen)
If you’re running the game on Vista or Seven, it is recommended that you run the game as Admin and/or in XP compatibility mode.
If the problem persists, you can send us an email at contact@cnc-sgu.fr, or post a message on our official forums and providing a maximal amount of information about the error such as eventual error logs or messages.

¤ I am experiencing ingame difficulties (crashes, lack of help, performance issues), what can I do to solve these problems?
The best solution is to contact the development team by email at contact@cnc-sgu.fr, or via the official CnC SGU forums.
Do not forget to provide the highest amount of information about the issues you’re encountering such as, but not limited to:
The context in which the problem occurs.
The factions in battle at the moment of the eventual error.
The name of the map you were playing on.
The duration of the game.
Whether the problem is systematic or random.

The more feedback you’ll be able to provide, the better we’ll be able to determine what’s causing the issue and hopefully fix it.

¤ Where can I get news concerning the mod?
You can follow the status of the mod on these 3 main news feeds:
- CnC SGU’s official website (In French and English)
- CnC SGU’s Facebook page (In French)
- CnC SGU’s ModDB page (In English)

¤ I would like to know more about the gameplay and the available factions, where can I find these details?
To learn more about the mod, we advise that you check:
The tutorial called “The new Alpha site” which is available in the Campaign menu of the mod.
The detailed documentation about the structures and units available here. (Coming soon)
The gameplay and strategies section of the forums. (Coming soon)

¤ Who’s behind CnC Stargate Universe project?
CnC SGU is a project conceived by a team of indie developers known as Syton Entertainment. You can learn more about the members of the team in the adequate section of our website.

¤ I would like to help with the development of CnC Stargate Universe, what can I do?
Since the start of the project, we’ve constantly been on the lookout for motivated volunteers to help us with the development and hopefully speed it up a bit. We’re looking for people skilled in several domains (2D art, 3D art, music, communication, coding, game design… etc) so do not hesitate to propose your help by email or via the forums.

Your question does not figure here? Send it via email at contact@cnc-sgu.fr, or post it on the forums. The CnC SGU team will answer it in the shortest delay.


by Dr. Radut.

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