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New version 1.5 Beta 2 130923

A new version is available. It brings many changes to the previous one.
New units and abilities appear in the ranks of the three factions Tau'ri, Goa'uld and Asgard. The Replicators are not yet available because they still require a lot of work to provide a good gaming experience.
Many icons (unit, skills) and texts have been reworked and stats have been added in descriptions (building time, energy consumption, garrison slot). In addition, several models and 3D animation have been added or modified. A new multiplayer map 1 versus 1 was added about Aybos' theme.

The installer and launcher got improvement to support the pack C&C Ultimate Collection and to give more solution when problems happen.

Documentation about tech trees and shortcuts have also been updated.

Have fun with it.

See the patch notes: http://cnc-sgu.fr/?q=PatchNoteV1.5B2-130923&language=en

For Windows:

For Mac OS:



by Dr. Radut.

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