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Patch for the version 1 beta 3

As we promised you, here’s a patch for the third beta of the mod which adds an English translation for the first mission, as well as an official support for the World Builder so you can create your own maps for the mod. A Mac compatible version of the beta is also finally available.

This time, it’s not just the ingame texts that have been translated, but also the voices. We’re sorry it took us a while to do so, but the reason for that is we wanted to give you the best experience of the mod. However, most of the unit voices still remain in French for now, but our recent collaboration with the actors who dubbed the current version should enable us to provide more English voiceovers for said units.

But that’s not all! We also have listened to your feedback, and added some tools and official support to enable the players to create their own maps, as well as edit the maps from the original C&C Zero Hour game to make them compatible with the mod if you wish to do so.

And finally, we’ve recently rearranged our forums, so if you have any questions or if you want to react to some of the mod’s news, don’t hesitate to discuss it there. (http://www.cnc-sgu.fr/forum)

Download Version 1 Beta 3 110815-b

View the video spotlight of this version



Mission: The new Alpha Site:

  • Added the English translation for the ingame texts.

  • Added the English voices for the Colonel Windsor and the Advisor.

Map Editor :

Misc. Changes:

  • Fixed a minor bug in the English version that caused the “$” symbol to be displayed instead of the Naquadah one.

  • Fixed bug that caused a pink background to be displayed in the main menu on some Windows versions.

  • Fixed missing texts in the map selection menu.

  • Updated the credits screen.


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by Dr. Radut.