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Video spotlight Version 1 Beta 3 110815


You might be wondering why we've not been posting news since August, well it's because we were all very busy during that month, and many of our members weren't available for personal reasons...

But now, we're back on track, and we're posting a video to celebrate it. This is not a new teaser but rather a focus on the latest beta (V1 B3 110815).

In this video, those who've already played the previous versions will be able to see the changes we've done, while new players will get a better idea of the actual gameplay than with a teaser.
The CnC SGU team wishes you a good viewing.

If you have not tested the latest beta yet, here's the link to download it:

- http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-stargate-universe/downloads/cncsgu-v1-b3-11...

- http://cnc-sgu.fr/download/CnC_SGU_setup_V1B3-110815.exe (mirror)

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by Dr. Radut.