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CnC Stargate Universe is a mod for C&C Generals : Zero Hour which tranpose the game into the Stargate universe. So we can take control of civilizations as the Tau'ri, Goa'uld or Asgard and fight against other players, computer or in missions. Currently under development you can already play the beta.
CnC SGU is developed by Syton Entertainment, a French team of volunteers and passionate.

Februar News

We know you're many to await the inclusion of the replicators in the mod. Well, know that we've started working seriously on that matter . The technology tree for this new faction is already done and ready. We're also working on their buildings' artwork. March will indeed see the first replicator make their appearance in the internal beta of the mod (which is obviously only accessible to our beta testers)

New version 1.5 Beta 1 130114

Hello everyone!

To start this year in beauty, the Syton Entertainment team presents to you a new version of the CnC SGU mod with the following new key changes :

December News

The version originally scheduled for this month is not as accomplished as we wanted. That's why we prefer to postpone to January, especially to avoid you some bugs. 

However, you can get a glimpse of this version:

November News

The Asgard faction is coming out of Alpha stage and entering the Beta one.

They will be undergoing changes concerning the special powers (New and upgraded ones), the hero powers (such as Thor's), the use of exoskeletons, drones, satellites and several upgrades, as well as bug fixes and unit balance.

October news

We're currently working on a rework for the stargate system. We're aiming to improve their usability and make them feel a bit more "alive" with new animations, particles, and sounds. Still in that same mindset, we're also adding a new neutral structure that will be enabling even more mobility for the players on the map.

New version 1.5 available with the Asgards

Hello everyone, today we're very proud to (finally) present the newest version of CnC Stargate Universe to all of you. In this 1.5 Alpha version, you will finally be able to play as the Asgard civilization, and serve as a protector of the free people.

Comic Con' 2012 and Version 1.5 release date

For the 4th time this year, we have taken part in a video games/science fiction salon, and we do not regret this choice. It's not exactly a sinecure but it's always a nice experience rich of good moments, so we're starting to enjoy it a lot. You guys were numerous to discover and test our game as usual, and we've tried our best to accomodate everyone with a full access to the newest beta on 5 PCs and many demo videos.

Trophée CnC SGU Comic Con' 2012

Trophées vainqueurs en équipe à gauche et en solo à droite.

Dans moins d'une semaine le festival Comic Con' / Japan Expo ouvrira ses portes et lors de cet évènement l'équipe de CnC SGU vous proposera deux tournois sur son stand dont voici les détails :

> Récompenses :
Vous pourrez tenter de remporter :

  • 1 entrée pour Comic Con' Saison 5
  • 1 trophée gravé au nom de l'évènement
  • 1 coffret du jeu Generals Deluxe
  • des goodies

Des coffrets Generals Deluxe sont également prévu pour les seconds et troisièmes du classement.

CnC SGU à Comic Con' Paris 2012

Dans près d’un mois l’équipe de CnC SGU exposera pour la deuxième année au Comic Con’ Paris du 5 au 8 juillet.

Les nouveautés au programme sont les suivantes :

  • Introduction de la civilisation Asgard
  • Améliorations du mode multijoueur pour vous proposer 2 tournois
  • Ajout d’une mission Goa’uld
  • Présentation de vidéos et artworks inédit


Sur notre stand vous pourrez venir découvrir ou redécouvrir le jeu grâce à 5 postes en libre accès et des vidéos de démonstration. Nous serons bien sûr là pour répondre à toutes vos questions.

Version 2 on the way with Asgards

Hi all !

It's been a while since we last updated you on the actual development progress of the CnC
Stargate Universe mod but worry not, we definitely didn't abandon the project,
and we have some interesting news to reveal.


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by Dr. Radut.

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