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October news

We're currently working on a rework for the stargate system. We're aiming to improve their usability and make them feel a bit more "alive" with new animations, particles, and sounds. Still in that same mindset, we're also adding a new neutral structure that will be enabling even more mobility for the players on the map.

Missions are also on our top priority list, since many players have been encountering an annoying bug that's keeping them from winning the game. We've also recently recruited a bunch of beta testers who will be helping us (and already started doing so) with the detecting of those bugs that are ruining your gaming experience, many bug-fixes are already on their way thanks to their feedback.

Furthermore, we know that some of you have already tried using the worldbuilder to create new maps, but have encountered issues due to the presence of new factions and mechanics that the default WB can't handle. That's why we're trying to make map creation as simple as possible, and are planning to release a special edition of the tool.


by Dr. Radut.